Roy Hargrove Musical Celebration at Jazz at Lincoln Center

The Quiet Storm presents a five hour musical celebration of the life of Roy Hargrove, live at the Lincoln Center, following Roy's death at age 49. Photo by Adriana Mateo
Roy Hargrove - October 16, 1969 - November 2, 2018
The Quiet Storm is very pleased to present this 4.5 hour musical celebration (set list below) of the big musical life of Roy Hargrove, who passed away on November 2, 2018. The celebration took place on January 8, 2019 at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

After a New Orleans style jazz funeral march into the auditorium by an orchestra with Wynton Marsalis leading, the MC and host of the celebration who spoke was bassist, Christian McBride. McBride first met and played with Roy in 1987 when he was 15 years old and Roy was 18. He talked about Roy's musical and life wisdoms and much much more.

At the 13:30 mark in the video below, with approximately 200 of the world's finest musician's musicians who showed up backstage to share in paying homage, the music begins.

WE ARE SORRY: The video below is not available at this time. It will be restored as soon as possible. However, The Quiet Storm presents a stellar live performance of Roy Hargrove at the New Morning jazz club in Paris, France, at this link:

Roy Hargrove Musical Celebration

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Set List
(The producer of the event prefaced this list by saying there may have been some slight changes by the artists on the night of the show, but this should follow what was presented pretty closely)
  1. Roy Hargrove Big Band Valera Brian’s Bounce Roy Allen La Puerta with Roberta Gambarini
  2. McBride – Batiste – Hart – Hendrix – Riggins Public Eye
  3. Jimmy Cobb, George Cables, Gary Bartz, Ray Drummond The Song Is You Peace with Dee Dee Bridgewater
  4. Marc Cary – Danton Boller – Antonio Hart - Giveton - Riggins Carryisms
  5. Dizzy All-Stars Big Band (also featured Roberta and Dee Dee) Hot House I’m Bebopping, Too Blue and Boogie Things To Come
  6. Norah Jones The Nearness of You
  7. Justin Robinson, Tadataka, Ameen, Quincy Phillips, Giveton Gelin From The Top of My Head Father Strassbourg/Saint Denis
  8. Willie Jones III, Cyrus Chestnut, Danton Boller, Roberta Gambarini I Remember Clifford
  9. Crisol The Mountains Mr. Bruce Una Mas
  10. Lezlie Harrison (Vocals), Saul Rubin (guitar), Ben Paterson (organ) and Evan Sherman (drums)
  11. Sherman Irby-Jeremy Pelt-Larry Willis-Gerald Cannon-Willie Jones III Depth Nature Boy/To Wisdom The Prize Circus
  12. RH Factor with Terrence Blanchard and Common Forget Regret Poetry Crazy Race or Hold One
The photo of Roy Hargrove atop this post is by Adriana Mateo at AdrianaMateo.Com,, and

Watch Roy Hargrove, Live at the New Morning jazz club, previously featured on our network, at this link:
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