Dafnis Prieto - EMERGENCY CALL

Here is some jazz, not the smooth kind, but the burning kind full of cuban beats and syncopated soaring horn arrangements. This perfectly captured live recording is of cuban drummer Dafnis Prieto and friends Manuel Valera, Charles Flores, Peter Apfelbaum, Felipe Lamoglia and Avishai Cohen as they perform at the Modern Drummer Festival back in 2008. They engage in a lot of foreplay building the momentum before the let out their big roar. mlv

Dafnis Prieto - EMERGENCY CALL

Dafnis recently released a new album titled Triangles and Squares. Read Ben Ratliff's New York Times review here. If you like real jazz, you are likely to love this.

Connect direct with Dafnis Prieto at DafnisonMusic.Com and at his Facebook account

Dafnis Prieto Triangles and Circles

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