Mike Bauer - Sweet Sunday (Music Video)

The-Quiet-Storm, Mike Bauer music video, song titled Sweet Sunday

The Quiet Storm is proud to present a soulful independent recording artist with that "it" thing. His name is Mike Bauer and featured below is the music video to his song titled Sweet Sunday. Both the music video and audio for song was recorded at Manifest Studios in Santa Monica, CA. The video was directed by Nanea Miyata. (more credits below) Enjoy! MLV

Mike Bauer - Sweet Sunday

See one more music video by Mark Bauer on The-Indies-Network network at this link: TheIndies.com/2017/12/the-indies-mike-bauer.html

Connect direct with Mike Bauer at Facebook.com/mbauermusic, Twitter.com/mikebauermusic, Soundcloud.com/mike-bauer-music and Reverbnation.com/mikebauer

Music Video Production Credits for Sweet Sunday

Produced by Nanea Miyata and Mike Bauer, in association with June Street Studios.
Directed by Nanea Miyata
Director of Photography/Camera Operator: Jay Kaufman
Gaffer: Alex Gracie

Starring: Korra - Also known as, "Perfect Pup," "Magical Princess," or "Pretty Pittie Princess." Instagram.Com/korrathepit

Also Featuring: Benjamin Adamson, Mike Bauer, Adam Berg, Cody Dear, Oliver Dobrian, Joseph Gonzales, Martin Lejano, Joel VanDijk, Daniel Weidlein, Tyler Wennstrom.

Very Special Thanks to Tyler Wennstrom - for running back and forth during filming and not losing an eye when fireworks may or may not have been directed towards you.

Audio Recording Production Credits for Sweet Sunday

Written and produced by Mike Bauer and Adam Berg
Recorded at Manifest Studios, Santa Monica
Assisted by Lizzy Erickson and Tyler Wennstrom
Benjamin Adamson - Trumpet/Horn Arrangement
Mike Bauer - Vocals
Adam Berg - Keys/programming/production
Joseph Gonzales - Bass
Joel VanDijk - Guitar
Daniel Weidlein - Sax
Bennie Rodgers II - Drums

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