Mahalia - No Reply (Music Video)

The Quiet Storm music video for Mahalia song titled No Reply

Mahalia is a young up and coming Atlantic Records recording artist from the United Kingdom with a perfect song for The Quiet Storm titled No Reply. The song was produced by Maths Time Joy. The music video was directed by George Baxter.

Mahalia - No Reply

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Elise Truow - Line Of Sight

The Quiet Storm is proud to once again present the multi-faceted Elise Truow and the one take live music video of her song titled Line Of Sight, which she co-wrote with Gary Hyde.

Elise Trouw - Line of Sight

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Production Credits
Recorded and filmed live by Blowhole Sound (Scott Lehman)
Live looping triggered through Ableton Live using the internal IAC MIDI driver. 

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