Mike Bauer - Sweet Sunday (Music Video)

The-Quiet-Storm, Mike Bauer music video, song titled Sweet Sunday

The Quiet Storm is proud to present a soulful independent recording artist with that "it" thing. His name is Mike Bauer and featured below is the music video to his song titled Sweet Sunday. Both the music video and audio for song was recorded at Manifest Studios in Santa Monica, CA. The video was directed by Nanea Miyata. (more credits below) Enjoy! MLV

Mike Bauer - Sweet Sunday

See one more music video by Mark Bauer on The-Indies-Network network at this link: TheIndies.com/2017/12/the-indies-mike-bauer.html

Connect direct with Mike Bauer at Facebook.com/mbauermusic, Twitter.com/mikebauermusic, Soundcloud.com/mike-bauer-music and Reverbnation.com/mikebauer

Music Video Production Credits for Sweet Sunday

Produced by Nanea Miyata and Mike Bauer, in association with June Street Studios.
Directed by Nanea Miyata
Director of Photography/Camera Operator: Jay Kaufman
Gaffer: Alex Gracie

Starring: Korra - Also known as, "Perfect Pup," "Magical Princess," or "Pretty Pittie Princess." Instagram.Com/korrathepit

Also Featuring: Benjamin Adamson, Mike Bauer, Adam Berg, Cody Dear, Oliver Dobrian, Joseph Gonzales, Martin Lejano, Joel VanDijk, Daniel Weidlein, Tyler Wennstrom.

Very Special Thanks to Tyler Wennstrom - for running back and forth during filming and not losing an eye when fireworks may or may not have been directed towards you.

Audio Recording Production Credits for Sweet Sunday
Written and produced by Mike Bauer and Adam Berg
Recorded at Manifest Studios, Santa Monica
Assisted by Lizzy Erickson and Tyler Wennstrom
Benjamin Adamson - Trumpet/Horn Arrangement
Mike Bauer - Vocals
Adam Berg - Keys/programming/production
Joseph Gonzales - Bass
Joel VanDijk - Guitar
Daniel Weidlein - Sax
Bennie Rodgers II - Drums

Ari Lennox - GOAT (Music Video)

The Quiet Storm music video by Ari Lennox for song titled GOAT

The-Quiet-Storm is proud to present Dreamville Records recording artist, Ari Lennox. She is a soul/r&b/hip-hop artist who put her jazz into this song featured below. It has the quintessential sound that The-Quiet-Storm seeks to immurse you in. The song is titled GOAT and it is track #7 from her album titled Pho. Enjoy! GC

Ari Lennox - GOAT

Connect direct with Ari Lennox at AriLennox.com, Facebook.com/AriLennox, Instagram.com/arilennox and Twitter.com/AriLennox

Connect direct with Dreamville Records at Dreamville.Com, Facebook.com/dreamville, Instagram.com/dreamville and Twitter.com/dreamville

Hiatus Kaiyote - Breathing Underwater (Music Video)

Hiatus Kaiyote is a vocal driven contemporary jazz act from Australia with a funk edge and R&B/Soul at it's root. The band has stated that their style/sound is "Future Soul" and/or "Multi-Dimensional, Polyrhythmic Gangster Shit".

Members include Naomi "Nai Palm" Saalfield on vocals & guitar, Paul Bender on bass, Simon Mavin on keyboards and Perrin Moss on drums/percussion.

The Quiet Storm is very proud to present this music video to their song titied Breathing Underwater from their album titled Choose Your Weapon.

Please click the play button of the video below and choose the high-resolution & full screen options.  When this music video ends, it will automatically be followed by hours of excellent music videos.

Hiatus Kaiyote - Breathing Underwater

Connect direct with Hiatus Kaiyote at HiatusKaiyote.Com, facebook.com/hiatuskaiyote, twitter.com/HiatusKaiyote, soundcloud.com/hiatus-kaiyote, and at instagram.com/hiatuskaiyote/

See more Hiatus Kaiyote on our network here:
http://www.musicload.com/2017/03/hiatus-kaiyote.html and http://www.musicload.com/2016/04/hiatus-kaiyote-lace-skull.html

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The Quiet Storm presents music videos by Junglepussy

Here is The Quiet Storm quintessentially... the late night version. The video is by the artist known as Junglepussy to her song titled Somebody. The video was directed and edited by Erin Grant with additional productions credits listed below.

Junglepussy - Somebody

Connect direct with Junglepussy at Junglepussy.NYC, Facebook.com/Junglepussy-187444164780356 Twitter.com/JUNGLEPUSSY

Production Credits: Somebody
Director / Editor: Erin Grant
Director of Photography: Max Lakner
Camera Assistant: Sam Wood
Makeup Artist: Raisa Thomas
Hair Stylist: Yves Hair Bureau
Fashion Stylist: Shayna McHayle
GFX / Color: Alex Gvojic

Fly My Pretties - Closer (featuring A Girl Named Mo)

The Quiet Storm presents Fly My Pretties and their song titled Closer freaturing A Girl Named Mo

Here is one of the latest live recordings from a very eclectic independent collective of musicians from New Zealand known as Fly My Pretties from their latest album titled String Theory. The group played 9 shows in Auckland and Wellington to record the String Theory album. This particular song, titled Closer, personifies The Quiet Storm sound with lead vocals on this track by a rising New Zealand artist known as A Girl Named Mo.

Fly My Pretties - Closer (featuring A Girl Named Mo)

Connect direct with Fly My Pretties at FlyMyPretties.Com and at Facebook.com/FlyMyPrettiesNZ

The 14 member Fly My Pretties cast from the String Theory album are:
Barnaby Weir
Bailey Wiley
A Girl Named Mo
Ills Winter
Ria Hall
Iraia Whakamoe
James Coyle
Jarney Murphy
Laughton Kora
Mike Fabulous
Nigel Patterson
Ryan Prebble
Tiki Taane

The Quiet Storm sister websites The Indies at TheIndies.Com and MusicLoad previously featured classic songs by Fly My Pretties at the links below:




The Funky Knuckles

The Quiet Storm presents The Funky Knuckles and live films of songs from their album, New Birth

Here is a tasty jazz act from Dallas, Texas, that features the quintessential improvisational contemporary jazz sound that represents what The Quiet Storm is all about.

The Funky Knuckles band, which is signed to the New York based independent label GroundUP Music, consists of Wes Stephenson on bass, Cedric Moore who composes for the group and plays drums, Caleb Sean McCampbell on keyboards, Frank Moka on percussion, Phill Aelony on guitar, Ben Bohorquez on saxophone and Evan Weiss on trumpet.

The first performance below features a song song titled New Birth, which is also the title of their most recent album.

The Funky Knuckles - New Birth

Funky Knuckles - Me Too

The Funky Knuckles - Arise

Funky Knuckles - Moorish

Connect direct with The Funky Knuckles at TheFunkyKnuckles.com and on Facebook.Com/TheFunkyKnuckles, Twitter.com/Funkknuck and on Instagram.com/thefunkyknuckles


Andy LaViolette - director of photography
Ben Bohorquez - director/editor
Andrew Conway - camera operator
Julie Garcia - camera operator
Jason Hess - camera operator
Andy LaViolette - camera operator
Chad Windham - camera operator
Tye Robinson - audio engineer
John "Bear" Arispe - mixing engineer
Recorded at January Sound Studio

Kamasi Washington - The Epic (album release party concert)

MusicLoad.Com presents Kamasi Washington performing The Epic at the Regent Theater

The 2+ hour video below, produced by NPR's Jazz Night In America program, features the background story on the legendary saxophonist Kamasi Washington and his long time friends and musical collaborators, as well as the music from his album titled The Epic, filmed live at it's release party at the Regent Theater in Downtown Los Angeles, California. Kamasi is joined by his full working band, a choir, a string section and plenty of special guests. Enjoy!

Kamasi Washington - The Epic (album release party concert)

Connect direct with Kamasi Washington at KamasiWashington.Com, Facebook.com/kamasiw, Twitter.com/KamasiW and Instagram.Com/KamasiWashington

Connect direct with NPR's Jazz Night In America at npr.org/jazznight, Facebook.com/jazznight, Twitter.com/jazznight, and on Instagram.com/jazznightinamerica

5:45 - "Askim"
27:25 - "Change of the Guard"
47:00 - "Leroy and Lanisha"
1:02:01 - "Henrietta Our Hero"
1:15:10 - "Re Run"
1:44:00 - "The Message"

Kamasi Washington, Tony Austin, Ronald Bruner, Stephen Bruner, Brandon Coleman, Cameron Graves, Miles Mosley, Ryan Porter, Patrice Quinn, Battlecat, Munyungo Jackson, The Gaslamp Killer, Terrace Martin, Leon Mobley, Ras G, Dwight Trible, Rickey Washington, Dontae Winslow, Miguel Atwood:Ferguson, Paul Cartwright, Yvette Devereauz, Atryom Manukyan, Ginger Murphy, Tylana Renga, Molly Rogers, Jim Simone, Andrea Witt, Nia Andrews, Trenyce Cobbins, Thalma de Freitas, Taylor Graves, Charles Jones, Dawn Norsleet, Steven Wayne, Mashica Winslow

Producers: Alex Ariff, Patrick Jarenwattananon, Nick Michael, Suraya Mohamed, Simon Rentner, Katie Simon / Editors: Nick Michael, Morgan McCloy / Videographers: Morgan McCloy, Nick Michael, Benjamin B. Morris, Doriane Raiman / Event Producer and Promoter: Andrew Lojero, ArtDontSleep / Assistant Producer: Colin Marshall / Asst. Videographer: Aaron Ashby / Lighting Director: Jerome Cushing / Audio Mixing and Mastering: Daddy Kev, Cosmic Zoo / House Audio Engineers: Nic Monaco, Kyle Berzle / Additional Audio: Alex Ariff / Supervising Sound Editor: Suraya Mohamed / Special Thanks: The Regent Theater, Atom Factory, Banch Abegaze, Many Giangardella, Mitchell Frank, Liz Garo, Jasper Kuo / Executive Producer: Anya Grundmann

Al Jarreau - March 12, 1940 – February 12, 2017 - Look To The Rainbow

Al Jarreau passed away yesterday, on February 12, 2017. He is perhaps the epitome of what this Quiet Storm music format is about, where improvisational jazz, soul and R&B converge.

He was age 76 when he died, and so it is quite a coincidence, that for many, they got they got their first taste of Al Jarreau in 1976 after the live recordings (featured below) were produced by the legendary engineer, Al Schmitt.  The videos that were shot in sync with the live audio recordings, below, are reason for celebration, for these are obscure gems that are not widely known about and they are still cool. Timeless in fact.

When the album was released, it was a style of jazz that seemed really fresh and was really different. Nobody scat sang like this, blending lyrics and scat with such fluid soul, backed by a super burning trio of real musicians.

The album was titled "Look To The Rainbow: Live in Europe". This album takes a long time to explore in all of it's intricacies.

TheQuietStorm.Com Celebrates All Jarreau March 12, 1940 – February 12, 2017

The record was recorded and was shot live in Hamburg, Germany. The musicians featured are Tom Canning on keys, Jerome Rimson on bass guitar and Nigel Wilkinson on drums.

One of the most popular songs on the record was Jarreau's unique version of the Paul Desmond classic, Take 5, that was already famous as it recorded by The Dave Brubeck Quartet on their 1959 album titled Time Out. Jarreau's take on the song was a major departure, like a blast off to another planet. Be patient, the song does not really take off until the 2:20 point of the first video below. Enjoy! GC

Al Jarreau - Take Five (live)

Al Jarreau - Letter Perfect

Al Jarreau - We Got By

Al Jarreau - You Don't See Me

Al Jarreau - Lock All The Gates

Al Jarreau - Your Song

Connect direct with Al Jarreau's official websites at AlJarreau.Com and Facebook.com/AlJarreauOfficial and at Twitter.com/AlJarreau

Al Jarreau's past catalogue is with Rhino Records/Warner Bros. Records

Most recently, Al Jarreau was/is signed to the Concord Music Group, home to numerous historical and current imprints/labels, and home to hundreds and hundreds of the most legendary established and well picked emerging artists, groups and songwriters.