Sampa The Great - Energy - featuring Nadeem Din-Gabisi (Music Video)

The Quiet Storm music video by Sampa The Great for her song titled Energy, featuring Nadeem Din-Gabisi

The Quiet Storm is pleased to present some deep funky grooves by the Zambian artist now based in Australia who is known as Sampa The Great. Just below is the music video for her song titled Energy, featuring the artist Nadeem Din-Gabisi. The music video was directed by Modu Sesay.

Please click the play button of the video below and choose the high-resolution & full screen options.  When this music video ends, it will automatically be followed by hours of excellent music videos. Press forward to skip any video or click the reverse button to replay or return to previous songs.

Sampa The Great - Energy (feat. Nadeem Din-Gabisi)

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