Laszlo - Butterflies (Featuring Norah Jones)

The Quiet Storm presents Laszlo featuring Norah Jones and the song titled Butterflies

A few years before Norah Jones began to rise to fame on her own, Jones was the vocalist in a band called Lazslo with guitarist Jerome Covington, Aaron Crouch on keyboard, vibraphone & samples, Marc Rogers on electric bass and Bill Campbell on drums. Before I knew who Norah Jones was, I had originally found this song on MP3.Com when MP3.Com was filled with what seemed like millions of bands I'd never heard. It was one of the best places ever to discover new talent by simply digging through songs. Finding this song was like finding that proverbial needle in a haystack. Loved it right away, and it has stayed on my personal music playlist for many years. Only recently, after digging around, was I able to figure out that the act featured Norah Jones and friends. Enjoy!

Lazslo (featuring Norah Jones) - performing the song Butterflies

Click here to buy the Lazslo album titled Butterflies

Connect direct with Norah Jones at NorahJones.Com

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