Al Jarreau - March 12, 1940 – February 12, 2017 - Look To The Rainbow

Al Jarreau passed away yesterday, on February 12, 2017. He is perhaps the epitome of what Quiet Storm music is about, where improvisational jazz, soul and R&B converge.

He was age 76 when he died, and so it is quite a coincidence, that for many, they got they got their first taste of Al Jarreau in 1976 after the live recordings (featured below) were produced by the legendary engineer, Al Schmitt.  The videos that were shot in sync with the live audio recordings, below, are reason for celebration, for these are obscure gems that are not widely known about and they are still cool. Timeless in fact.

When the album was released, it was a style of jazz that seemed really fresh and was really different. Nobody scat sang like this, blending lyrics and scat with such fluid soul, backed by a super burning trio of real musicians.

The album was titled "Look To The Rainbow: Live in Europe". This album takes a long time to explore in all of it's intricacies.

TheQuietStorm.Com Celebrates All Jarreau March 12, 1940 – February 12, 2017

The record was recorded and was shot live in Hamburg, Germany. The musicians featured are Tom Canning on keys, Jerome Rimson on bass guitar and Nigel Wilkinson on drums.

One of the most popular songs on the record was Jarreau's unique version of the Paul Desmond classic, Take 5, that was already famous as it recorded by The Dave Brubeck Quartet on their 1959 album titled Time Out. Jarreau's take on the song was a major departure, like a blast off to another planet. Be patient, the song does not really take off until the 2:20 point of the first video below. Enjoy! GC

Al Jarreau - Take Five (live)

Here is the song entitled Letter Perfect.

Here is the song entitled Susan's Song

Here is the song entitled We Got By

Somebody Watching You

You Don't See Me

Lock All The Gates

Your Song

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Al Jarreau's past catalogue is with Rhino Records/Warner Bros. Records

Most recently, Al Jarreau was/is signed to the Concord Music Group, home to numerous historical and current imprints/labels, and home to hundreds and hundreds of the most legendary established and well picked emerging artists, groups and songwriters.

Blitz The Ambassador with Nneka

This is the first time we've featured rap here. It's infused with horns and a thick jazzy funk that is very Quiet Storm. The artist from Ghana known as Blitz The Ambassador with stellar vocal support from a wonderful artist named Nneka originally from Lagos Nigeria. Both artists are so well traveled they should be considered citizens of the world.

The song is titled Love On The Run

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Lianne La Havas - Don't Wake Me Up

Lianne La Havas is well into promoting her second major label release, but it was the opening track on her debut 2011 album that makes her a Quiet Storm fave. The song is titled Don't Wake Me Up from her album titled Is Your Love Big Enough. It has that potential to be a timeless Quiet Storm classic.

Lianne La Havas - Don't Wake Me Up

Just below is a particularly nice scaled down version of the song live, just Lianne and her guitar, while she appeared in Los Angeles a few years ago.

And, yet another beautiful live take (perhaps our favorite) of the song with her full band. The video was shot by a fan at the Village Underground in London on July 17 2012 with a single hand-held camera and no editing. The audio is nice :)

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Alex Nester is The Quiet Storm

The Quiet Storm presents Alex Nester

The stunning bright eyed songwriter, pianist and vocalist Alex Nester is a lady who is the real Quiet Storm deal.

She just finished this live studio recording the old school way: with real musicians simultaneously in one take. There were only a few follow up overdubs of guitar, the Hammond keyboard/organ and the background vocal tracks which Alex sang herself.

This song, titled With You, is an original she wrote and a very personal heartfelt tribute song to her grandparents Mel & Frieda as her tight-knit family was going through most difficult times together.

If you liked it, you might like the minimalist, yet stellar live piano/vocal video of With You that Alex originally recorded and we featured on MusicLoad.Com in April 2015. Please click here to see that video.

Prior to the above recording making onto this page, in March of 2015, our sister site MusicTelevision.Com featured a music video to another one of Alex's excellent original songs titled Show A Little Love. Please click here to see that video.

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Dafnis Prieto - EMERGENCY CALL

Here is some jazz, not the smooth kind, but the burning kind full of cuban beats and syncopated soaring horn arrangements. This perfectly captured live recording is of cuban drummer Dafnis Prieto and friends Manuel Valera, Charles Flores, Peter Apfelbaum, Felipe Lamoglia and Avishai Cohen as they perform at the Modern Drummer Festival back in 2008. They engage in a lot of foreplay building the momentum before the let out their big roar. mlv

Dafnis recently released a new album titled Triangles and Squares. Read Ben Ratliff's New York Times review here. If you like real jazz, you are likely to love this.

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Dafnis Prieto Triangles and Circles

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Sandhy Sondoro - Quiet Storm, Indo Style

TheQuietStorm.Com presents Sandhy Sondoro

Out of Jakarta Indonesia is one of the most soulful cats on the planet with that Quiet Storm groove. His name Sandhy Sondoro. I first came across him in 2007 when he was living in Berlin. He reminded me of a cross between Michael McDonald meets John Mellencamp. But, Sandhy Sondoro is definitely original and not trying to cop somebody else's groove. Since that time, I've followed his various moves around the world, in and out of the U.S. and to his home in Jakarta. He eventually signed to Sony Music Indonesia and has had a long string of numerous successes and attention and collaboration from and with some of the greats like hit songwriter, Diane Warren. He is an incredibly positive, high vibration, hard working guy focused on doing what he loves and does best.

Below is a handpicked audio take of Sandhy's that is most aligned to this Quiet Storm. It is titled You and I. Turn it up and enjoy! GC

Sandhy Sondoro - You And I

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Talvin Singh - Jaan

Quiet Storm presents Talvin Singh

The drum known as the tabla can deliver one of those quintessential Quiet Storm sounds if in the right hands. Just below is a recording by renowned tabla player Talvin Singh that fits into the Quiet Storm quite nicely.  The video was directed by Rob Howard. Turn it up and enjoy! GC

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