Alex Nester is The Quiet Storm

The Quiet Storm presents Alex Nester

The bright eyed songwriter, pianist and vocalist Alex Nester is a lady who is the real Quiet Storm deal.

She just finished this live studio recording the old school way: with real musicians simultaneously in one take. There were only a few follow up overdubs of guitar, the Hammond and the background vocal tracks.

This song, titled With You, is a heartfelt tribute song to her grandparents Mel & Frieda.

If you liked it, you might like the minimalist piano/vocal version that Alex recorded and is featured here.

Connect direct with Alex Nester at AlexNester.Com and Facebook.Com/AlexNesterFan and Twitter.Com/Squeelo

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Dafnis Prieto - EMERGENCY CALL

Here is some jazz, not the smooth kind, but the burning kind full of cuban beats and syncopated soaring horn arrangements. This perfectly captured live recording is of cuban drummer Dafnis Prieto and friends Manuel Valera, Charles Flores, Peter Apfelbaum, Felipe Lamoglia and Avishai Cohen as they perform at the Modern Drummer Festival back in 2008. They engage in a lot of foreplay building the momentum before the let out their big roar. mlv

Dafnis recently released a new album titled Triangles and Squares. Read Ben Ratliff's New York Times review here. If you like real jazz, you are likely to love this.

Connect direct with Dafnis Prieto at DafnisonMusic.Com and at his Facebook account

Dafnis Prieto Triangles and Circles

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Sandhy Sondoro - Quiet Storm, Indo Style

TheQuietStorm.Com presents Sandhy Sondoro

Out of Jakarta Indonesia is one of the most soulful cats on the planet with that Quiet Storm groove. His name Sandhy Sondoro. I first came across him in 2007 when he was living in Berlin. He reminded me of a cross between Michael McDonald meets John Mellencamp. But, Sandhy Sondoro is definitely original and not trying to cop somebody else's groove. Since that time, I've followed his various moves around the world, in and out of the U.S. and to his home in Jakarta. He eventually signed to Sony Music, Indonesia and has had a long string of numerous successes and attention and collaboration from and with some of the greats like hit songwriter, Diane Warren. He is an incredibly positive, high vibration, hard working guy focused on doing what he loves and does best.

Below are two love songs handpicked for being most aligned to this Quiet Storm format. The first one is just the audio to his song titled You and I,  Next is the music video to his song titled Superstar. Turn it up and enjoy! GC

Sandhy Sondoro - You And I

Sandhy Sondoro - Superstar

Connect direct with Sandhy Sondoro at SondoroMusic.Com, at and at

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Talvin Singh - Jaan

Quiet Storm presents Talvin Singh

The drum known as the tabla can deliver one of those quintessential Quiet Storm sounds if in the right hands. Just below is a recording by renowned tabla player Talvin Singh that fits into the Quiet Storm quite nicely.  The video was directed by Rob Howard. Turn it up and enjoy! GC

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Bob Marley - The ultimate Quiet Storm

The Quiet Storm Celebrates Bob Marley's 70th Birthday

As a powerful quiet storm of peace, love and funky soulful reggae, Bob Marley lifted up the activist Movement of Jah People that has continued to further emerge for decades after his death.

In honor of the recent 70th Earthday, or birthday of the humble legend, we sought to pick the ultimate Quiet Storm song by Bob Marley. We found that it may be a particular mix of his song titled Exodus.

Just below is that particularly excellent mix of Exodus, without the video, because we could not find a video for this mix, yet.

The next two takes after that are stellar filmed concert performances of other songs including War, Running Away and Crazy Bald Head. Turn it up and enjoy! GC

Bob Marley - Exodus

Bob Marley - War, No more trouble

Bob Marley - Running Away and Crazy Bald Head (Live)

Connect direct with Bob Marley's official website at BobMarley.Com, on Facebook.Com/BobMarley and Twitter.Com/BobMarley

Much thanks to the company that Bob Marley founded, Tuff Gong, for courtesy photograph cooperation/clearance(s) for Indies Network of sites. For instance Quiet Storm borrowed the photo at top of this post from Bob Marley's Facebook page. It is from a live performance on November 1,1979 at Toronto Canada's Maple Leaf Gardens venue. We do not know the name of the photographer, yet, but when we do, the credit will be posted here.

Funky P - Your Love Is

TheQuietStorm.Com presents the music of Funky P

Out of Luxembourg is a soulful artist known as Funky P. Just below is his Quiet Storm groove titled Your Love Is. Enjoy! GC

Funky P - Your Love Is

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Roy Hargrove Quintet - Live at the New Morning jazz club, Paris, France

The Quiet Storm presents the Roy Hargrove Quintet

Here is something fantastic from the Groovin' High Records imprint. Turn up the volume and lay back for this 2.5 hour Quiet Storm as The Roy Hargrove Quintet goes into full cookin' mode, live at the New Morning jazz club in Paris France. This is jazz at it's finest. Roy Hargrove on trumpet is joined by Gerald Clayton on piano, Danton Boller on bass, Montez Coleman on drums and Justin Robinson on alto sax. Enjoy! GC

Connect direct with Roy Hargrove on