Elise Trouw - mashup: Foo Fighters meets Bobby Caldwell

Photo of Elise Trouw by Justin Higuchi, music video of live one take mashup of Foo Fighters Everlong meets Bobby Caldwell What You Wont Do For Love

The Quiet Storm is proud to present Elise Trouw. Her delivery is polished with a well developed groove as a talented multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. As a one girl band relying on looping, her skills as a great arranger shine. She has just the right touch on everything.

Drums are her main instrument, but she is gifted all around with broad skills.

She is 18 years old mashing up the 20 year old song titled Everlong by the Foo Fighters and the 40 year old Quiet Storm classic titled What You Won't Do For Love by Bobby Caldwell. She sings, plays keys, bass, guitar, drums and does it all with groove, amazing grace and a little bit of a nonchalant attitude as if it's second nature, all in one take.

Listen to all of her recordings that are out there so far and it's easy to note that she is multi-dimensional with unlimited crossover potential, so it's a futile idea to attempt to pigeonhole her style or gauge which genre she'll dominate. But this track and music video below falls quintessentially into The Quiet Storm format, all the way :)

This viral music video landed Elise her debut network TV appearance performing two songs on ABC-TV's Jimmy Kimmel Live on January 30, 2018!

Foo Fighters Meets 70's Bobby Caldwell - Live Looping Mashup by Elise Trouw

Connect direct with Elise Trouw at EliseTrouw.com, Facebook.com/elisetrouwmusic, Instagram.com/elisetrouw and Twitter.com/EliseTrouw

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The Original Takes By The Orignal Artists:

Bobby Caldwell - What You Won't Do for Love

Connect direct with Bobby Caldwell at BobbyCaldwell.Com Facebook.com/BobbyCaldwellOfficial and Twitter.com/bobbycaldwell

Foo Fighters - Everlong

Connect direct with The Foo Fighters at FooFighters.Com, Facebook.Com/FooFighters, Instagram.Com/FooFighters and Twitter.Com/FooFighters

Credits /Gear List of Elise Trouw's Video and Audio Recording
The photo of Elise Trouw playing her drums at the top of this post was shot by photographer Justin Higuchi. Connect direct with Justin at Instagram.Com/jus10h

The video was perfectly recorded and filmed in one take, live, with no video edits, by Scott Lehman at Blowhole Sound. Connect direct at Facebook.com/blowholesound, Instagram.com/blowholesound, Twitter.com/blowholesound

Live looping triggered through Ableton Live using the internal IAC MIDI driver.

Vintage Pearl drum kit
Pearl Jupiter snare
Paiste 14" Dark Energy Hi-Hat
Paiste 22” Big Beat Ride
Regal Tip Jazz Series Sticks
Taylor T5z
Fender Mustang Bass
Korg SV-1

Neumann M147
QSC TouchMix 30 Pro
Empirical Labs Distressor
UAD plugins
Sennhesier EW 300 IEM
Audix drum mics

This post was created by Gregory J. Chamberlain with subsequent updates and edits by Mariana L. Villanueva for The Indies Network

Mike Bauer - Sweet Sunday (Music Video)

The-Quiet-Storm, Mike Bauer music video, song titled Sweet Sunday

The Quiet Storm is proud to present a soulful independent recording artist with that "it" thing. His name is Mike Bauer and featured below is the music video to his song titled Sweet Sunday. Both the music video and audio for song was recorded at Manifest Studios in Santa Monica, CA. The video was directed by Nanea Miyata. (more credits below) Enjoy! MLV

Mike Bauer - Sweet Sunday

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Connect direct with Mike Bauer at Facebook.com/mbauermusic, Twitter.com/mikebauermusic, Soundcloud.com/mike-bauer-music and Reverbnation.com/mikebauer

Music Video Production Credits for Sweet Sunday

Produced by Nanea Miyata and Mike Bauer, in association with June Street Studios.
Directed by Nanea Miyata
Director of Photography/Camera Operator: Jay Kaufman
Gaffer: Alex Gracie

Starring: Korra - Also known as, "Perfect Pup," "Magical Princess," or "Pretty Pittie Princess." Instagram.Com/korrathepit

Also Featuring: Benjamin Adamson, Mike Bauer, Adam Berg, Cody Dear, Oliver Dobrian, Joseph Gonzales, Martin Lejano, Joel VanDijk, Daniel Weidlein, Tyler Wennstrom.

Very Special Thanks to Tyler Wennstrom - for running back and forth during filming and not losing an eye when fireworks may or may not have been directed towards you.

Audio Recording Production Credits for Sweet Sunday
Written and produced by Mike Bauer and Adam Berg
Recorded at Manifest Studios, Santa Monica
Assisted by Lizzy Erickson and Tyler Wennstrom
Benjamin Adamson - Trumpet/Horn Arrangement
Mike Bauer - Vocals
Adam Berg - Keys/programming/production
Joseph Gonzales - Bass
Joel VanDijk - Guitar
Daniel Weidlein - Sax
Bennie Rodgers II - Drums

Ari Lennox - GOAT (Music Video)

The Quiet Storm music video by Ari Lennox for song titled GOAT

The-Quiet-Storm is proud to present Dreamville Records recording artist, Ari Lennox. She is a soul/r&b/hip-hop artist who put her jazz into this song featured below. It has the quintessential sound that The-Quiet-Storm seeks to immurse you in. The song is titled GOAT and it is track #7 from her album titled Pho. Enjoy! GC

Ari Lennox - GOAT

Connect direct with Ari Lennox at AriLennox.com, Facebook.com/AriLennox, Instagram.com/arilennox and Twitter.com/AriLennox

Connect direct with Dreamville Records at Dreamville.Com, Facebook.com/dreamville, Instagram.com/dreamville and Twitter.com/dreamville

Hiatus Kaiyote

Hiatus Kaiyote is a vocal driven contemporary jazz act from Australia with a funk edge and R&B/Soul at it's root. The band has stated that their style/sound is "Future Soul" and/or "Multi-Dimensional, Polyrhythmic Gangster Shit".

Members include Naomi "Nai Palm" Saalfield on vocals & guitar, Paul Bender on bass, Simon Mavin on keyboards and Perrin Moss on drums/percussion.

The Quiet Storm is very proud to present this music video to their song titied Breathing Underwater from their album titled Choose Your Weapon.

Hiatus Kaiyote - Breathing Underwater

Connect direct with Hiatus Kaiyote at HiatusKaiyote.Com, facebook.com/hiatuskaiyote, twitter.com/HiatusKaiyote, soundcloud.com/hiatus-kaiyote, and at instagram.com/hiatuskaiyote/

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The Quiet Storm presents music videos by Junglepussy

Here is The Quiet Storm quintessentially... the late night version. The video is by the artist known as Junglepussy to her song titled Somebody. The video was directed and edited by Erin Grant with additional productions credits listed below.

Junglepussy - Somebody

Connect direct with Junglepussy at Junglepussy.NYC, Facebook.com/Junglepussy-187444164780356 Twitter.com/JUNGLEPUSSY

Production Credits: Somebody
Director / Editor: Erin Grant
Director of Photography: Max Lakner
Camera Assistant: Sam Wood
Makeup Artist: Raisa Thomas
Hair Stylist: Yves Hair Bureau
Fashion Stylist: Shayna McHayle
GFX / Color: Alex Gvojic

Fly My Pretties - Closer (featuring A Girl Named Mo)

The Quiet Storm presents Fly My Pretties and their song titled Closer freaturing A Girl Named Mo

Here is one of the latest live recordings from a very eclectic independent collective of musicians from New Zealand known as Fly My Pretties from their latest album titled String Theory. The group played 9 shows in Auckland and Wellington to record the String Theory album. This particular song, titled Closer, personifies The Quiet Storm sound with lead vocals on this track by a rising New Zealand artist known as A Girl Named Mo.

Fly My Pretties - Closer (featuring A Girl Named Mo)

Connect direct with Fly My Pretties at FlyMyPretties.Com and at Facebook.com/FlyMyPrettiesNZ

The 14 member Fly My Pretties cast from the String Theory album are:
Barnaby Weir
Bailey Wiley
A Girl Named Mo
Ills Winter
Ria Hall
Iraia Whakamoe
James Coyle
Jarney Murphy
Laughton Kora
Mike Fabulous
Nigel Patterson
Ryan Prebble
Tiki Taane

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The Funky Knuckles

The Quiet Storm presents The Funky Knuckles and live films of songs from their album, New Birth

Here is a tasty jazz act from Dallas, Texas, that features the quintessential improvisational contemporary jazz sound that represents what The Quiet Storm is all about.

The Funky Knuckles band, which is signed to the New York based independent label GroundUP Music, consists of Wes Stephenson on bass, Cedric Moore who composes for the group and plays drums, Caleb Sean McCampbell on keyboards, Frank Moka on percussion, Phill Aelony on guitar, Ben Bohorquez on saxophone and Evan Weiss on trumpet.

The first performance below features a song song titled New Birth, which is also the title of their most recent album.

The Funky Knuckles - New Birth

Funky Knuckles - Me Too

The Funky Knuckles - Arise

Funky Knuckles - Moorish

Connect direct with The Funky Knuckles at TheFunkyKnuckles.com and on Facebook.Com/TheFunkyKnuckles, Twitter.com/Funkknuck and on Instagram.com/thefunkyknuckles


Andy LaViolette - director of photography
Ben Bohorquez - director/editor
Andrew Conway - camera operator
Julie Garcia - camera operator
Jason Hess - camera operator
Andy LaViolette - camera operator
Chad Windham - camera operator
Tye Robinson - audio engineer
John "Bear" Arispe - mixing engineer
Recorded at January Sound Studio