Roy Hargrove Quintet - Live at the New Morning jazz club, Paris, France

The Quiet Storm presents the Roy Hargrove Quintet

Here is something fantastic from the Groovin' High Records imprint. Turn up the volume and lay back for this 2.5 hour Quiet Storm as The Roy Hargrove Quintet goes into full cookin' mode, live at the New Morning jazz club in Paris France. This is jazz at it's finest. Roy Hargrove on trumpet is joined by Gerald Clayton on piano, Danton Botler on bass, Montez Coleman on drums and Justin Robinson on alto sax. Enjoy! GC

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Esperanza Spalding - Live at Jazz à Vienne (A French Jazz Festival)

Here is one of many great live Esperanza Spalding performances around her Radio Music Society project, which personifies everything that The Quiet Storm is all about: Authentic genuine uncontrived soul with real players who aren't faking it.  This is not dental chair music, folks.  This is not "smooth jazz".  It's real jazz.

TheQuietStorm.Com presents Esperanza Spalding Radio Music Society
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Please note that the stage has a giant radio set up in front of the horn section, like the one Esperanza is sitting atop of on the cover of her Radio Music Society album cover :)

TheQuietStorm.Com presents Esperanza Spalding - photo by Carlos Pericas
Photo by permission of Carlos Pericas -

Esperanza Spalding - Crowned & Kissed - Live at Jazz à Vienne - (A French Jazz Festival)

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Sly Johnson - I'm Calling You

TheQuietStorm.Com presents Sly Johnson

Here is one of those ultimate Quiet Storm songs by the artist Sly Johnson out of France, who is not to be confused with another great and similarly named Syl Johnson. We learned about Sly by way of Ayo, who has been featured on our sister sites MusicTelevision.Com and MusicLoad many times. The very sweet backing and lead female vocals on this song titled I'm Calling You are Ayo's.

And, here is one more of Sly Johnson in another collaboration, live in concert. Sly acts as a human beat box with a sound that hints of early Al Jarreau as he scats, in this very funky jazz jam session.

Erik Truffaz & Sly Johnson feat Philippe Garcia

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The Woody Browns Project - Swank

TheQuietStorm.Com presents The Woody Browns Project
Album cover art from The Woody Browns Project
Here are some real players going at it live on stage in a way that captures the essence of The Quiet Storm sound that we are attempting to articulate here. The Woody Browns Project delivers it in a hard edged contemporary jazz way. The live recording is definitely not studio, it's hot and rough, but the underlying sound of the group, their changes, their solos and the realness makes it Quiet Storm worthy.

The Woody Browns Project - Swank

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Good credit for the film goes to The Weekender Sessions. Thank you :)


Robben Ford - Freedom

TheQuietStorm.Com presents Robben Ford
Album Cover of one of Robben Ford's more recent releases

The video below is tasty live take of Robben Ford on German TV performing Freedom.

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Joni Mitchell & Friends Live - Shadows and Light

TheQueitStorm.Com presents Shadows and Light

Filmed in September 1979 at Santa Barbara County Bowl, this concert was part of Joni Mitchell's Mingus Tour. Her band included the late great Jaco Pastorius on bass who really gave the band it's sound along Pat Metheny on guitar, Don Alias on drums, Lyle Mays on keyboards and Michael Brecker on saxophone. Enjoy! GC

* The concert footage itself starts at the 2 minute 32 second point, the old film clips are just the intro with the band in the background.


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Hollie Smith - Philosophy of Soul

TheQuietStorm.Com presents Hollie Smith

With her deep strong powerful voice and her own New Zealand soul sound, Hollie Smith is a Quiet Storm when she sings. Her main instrument is piano, most often a Fender Rhodes. She has a special way or thing about how she simultaneously sings and handles the keys picking the right chord voicings. She is especially good playing with a band, live.

The video below is not live, but a conceptual video to a studio track to her song titled Philosophy of Soul. Enjoy! - GC

Hollie Smith - Philosophy of Soul

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