Esperanza Spalding - Live at Jazz à Vienne (A French Jazz Festival)

Here is one of many great live Esperanza Spalding performances around her Radio Music Society project, which personifies everything that The Quiet Storm is all about: Authentic genuine uncontrived soul with real players who aren't faking it.  This is not dental chair music, folks.  This is not "smooth jazz".  It's real jazz.

TheQuietStorm.Com presents Esperanza Spalding Radio Music Society

Please note that the stage has a giant radio set up in front of the horn section, like the one Esperanza is sitting atop of on the cover of her Radio Music Society album cover :)

TheQuietStorm.Com presents Esperanza Spalding - photo by Carlos Pericas
Photo by permission of Carlos Pericas -

Esperanza Spalding - Crowned & Kissed - Live at Jazz à Vienne - (A French Jazz Festival)

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