About The Quiet Storm

TheQuietStorm.Com was founded in June, 2002 by Greg Chamberlain.

The Quiet Storm features a playlist of songs and music videos that have the feeling and groove of a quiet storm approaching, from a music perspective.

The playlist is not meant to stay in any particular music genre, but the slogan atop the page (this is not an elevator music channel!) refers to the idea that this is not to be a "smooth" jazz or "sappy" R&B venue.

The handpicked songs and videos featured here are from mostly soul, funk, jazz, world music, reggae and other international genres with a certain passion, soulful funk and improvisational jazz influence whenever possible. There is a slightly intangible elusive edginess to the music on The Quiet Storm, for this is not about trying to fall asleep in the dental chair, but if your dentist plays music from TheQuietStorm.Com playlist, he or she must be cool :)

The Quiet Storm is part of the The Indies Network of music websites in association with The Indies at TheIndies.Com and Music Television at MusicTelevision.Com.